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Transfer Credit Policy

Requesting Transfer Credit

Complete the Transfer Credit Request form to request an evaluation of courses from outside institutions. For an initial evaluation, course details and an unofficial transcript are required. 

An official transcript documenting the culminating coursework and grade is required for final processing. Accepted coursework will display on the student’s course records page once processed. Questions concerning transfer credits should be directed to the Registrar at registrar@theartofeducation.edu or 515.236.5094.

Transfer Credit Requirements

Transfer credit requests are accepted until the Capstone Readiness Checkpoint. All transfer credit requests are reviewed by the Office of the Registrar. The Art of Education University does not guarantee transfer credit acceptance without prior approval. 

External coursework may be considered for elective transfer credit if all of the following conditions are met:

  • Coursework is graduate level (500-level or above).
  • Coursework was completed at an appropriately accredited institution.
  • The final grade earned for each potential transfer course is a B or higher.
  • Coursework does not duplicate, overlap, or regress previous work or core course requirements.
  • Coursework did not count toward undergraduate graduation requirements.
  • No more than nine graduate credit hours will be accepted for transfer as electives, with the exception of AOEU credits taken at Morningside University. Their one-to-one course equivalency with AOEU courses allows for 18 qualifying credits to transfer.

Accepted coursework will display on the student’s course records page once processed. Note: Retired AOEU courses will be subject to approval and are not guaranteed to transfer.

Residency Requirement

A minimum of 18 credit hours must be taken through The Art of Education University in order to graduate.

Acceptance of Transfer Credit Disclosure

The Art of Education University cannot guarantee credits will be accepted as transfer credit at another institution. Students are advised to check with the degree-granting school, state, or district to verify that the credits will be accepted.

If you have specific questions or concerns not addressed here,  contact help@theartofeducation.edu for clarification.