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The Easiest Way to Store and Distribute Liquid Watercolors

I’ve recently fallen in love with liquid watercolors. They are so versatile and can be as intense or as muted as you make them. Plus, they don’t leave behind a tacky residue like some oval-pan watercolors do.

However, the tricky part about liquid watercolors is figuring out how to store and distribute them. Luckily, I have come up with a solution that makes these problems non-existent. If you’re interested in using liquid watercolors or you’ve experienced storage and distribution challenges with them, make sure to watch the video!

Do you use liquid watercolors in your classroom? What does your set-up look like?

Share some of your favorite liquid watercolor lessons with us below!

4 years ago

Jennifer is an middle school art teacher in Kansas who is passionate about creating an organized, well-managed environment where students feel comfortable to learn and explore.