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The Most Effective Way to Store Student Aprons

Aprons are an essential item for the art room. For many, this means keeping a bin of hand-me-down t-shirts for students to grab when things get messy. But, have you ever considered purchasing real aprons instead?

I use to use old t-shirts in my classroom, but I kept running into problems with them that finally made me switch. If you’re also a little tired of dingy paint shirts or are looking for a fresh way to store your aprons, make sure to take a peek at the video. I guarantee it will have you rethinking your use and storage of aprons in the art room.

Do you use paint shirts? What are your thoughts on graduating to real aprons for your students? 

How do you store your aprons? Pictures are welcome!

5 years ago

Jennifer is an middle school art teacher in Kansas who is passionate about creating an organized, well-managed environment where students feel comfortable to learn and explore.