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How to Make a Chalk Pastel Gradient

It seems like chalk pastel projects are either hit or miss. If you can teach students techniques for controlling them, they can achieve some beautiful results. On the other hand, if you can’t stop them from spreading, you end up with rainbow dust from one end of your room to another. Today I’m sharing one of my favorite things to do with chalk pastels- make a chalk pastel gradient! The technique is simple and can be used from second grade right on up through high school. It’s similar to my Perfect One Day Lesson in that you can complete it in one class period and in that it has an element of surprise that hooks kids from the very beginning. Watch how it’s done in the video!



What kinds of projects do you do with chalk pastels? 

Do you have any other tips to keep the spread of dust down while working on a project like this?

6 years ago

Amanda Heyn

Learning Team

Amanda Heyn is the Director of K-12 Professional Development at The Art of Education. She enjoys helping to create relevant, engaging PD just for art teachers.