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How to Store Art All Year Without Losing Your Mind

One of the questions you must ask yourself before starting a new school year is whether or not you want to keep student artwork throughout the entire year or send it home after each project is completed and displayed. Since my art show happens at the end of each school year the answer was a no-brainier…keep the art!

The question then becomes how and where to store it. Whether you have a small room like me or a large room with ample storage space, I am certain you will be able to glean a few ideas from this video for how to store art all year without losing your mind.

Do you keep artwork or send it home after a project is complete? Why?

What is your system for keeping student artwork? We’d love to see photos!

5 years ago

Jennifer is an middle school art teacher in Kansas who is passionate about creating an organized, well-managed environment where students feel comfortable to learn and explore.