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The Best Way to Store Small Supplies

Many of my most-used supplies are stored right on student work tables. But what about all of the other great supplies in the art room? Colored pencils, oil pastels, crayons and other small items present a unique challenge. It takes only one class period for students to destroy the boxes they come in, but if you put them all together in one bin, passing them out is a nightmare. Watch the video for a super simple solution.

For even more organizing tips, check out how Alecia uses recyclables to organize her supplies, and how one teacher stores units in Rubbermaid tubs.

How do you organize small supplies in your art room?  

Do you have a different system to share with us?

7 years ago

Amanda Heyn is the Director of K-12 Professional Development at The Art of Education. She enjoys helping to create relevant, engaging PD just for art teachers.