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How to Use Drywall Mud in Your Art Room

Are you looking for new materials to bring into your art room? Why not consider drywall mud? It’s an inexpensive, forgiving material that allows students to play with depth and texture. Watch the video to see some different techniques to try! If you love this idea, make sure you register for the 2017 Art Ed Now Winter Online Conference, where you can see more from Luke when he presents One Tough Mudder: Using Drywall Joint Compound in the Art Room.

While you’re at the hardware store, check out this article from our archives for some other materials you can pick up for your classroom.

Have you ever used drywall mud in your classroom?

What other non-traditional sculpture materials do your students enjoy? 

4 years ago

Luke Nielsen


Luke Nielsen is a dynamic high school art teacher from St. Ansgar, Iowa and an AOE guest contributor.