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Introducing: AOE Studio Classes!



If you’re like most art teachers, you probably sat in your undergrad studio classes as one of the only Art Ed majors wondering how you would take the advanced techniques and apply them to your classroom. (Intaglio printmaking is great, but lets be honest…you aren’t going to let your students play with acid any time soon.) Even in a studio setting, art teachers can feel isolated – but not any more!


That’s right–today AOE is proud to release online studio classes just for art teachers!

  • Hands-on Studio Classes, 100% Online
  • Attend from the comfort of home
  • Log hours, earn CEUs or degree-level graduate credits
  • Video based, learn from master art teachers
  • Advanced techniques, practical, student-focused application


In each AOE Studio Class, you’ll not only learn advanced media techniques but you will learn best practices, from master art teachers, for breaking concepts down and making them STICK with your students.




In these hybrid, video-based, hands-on courses:

  • Your textbook becomes a list of art supplies.
  • Your writing assignments become more hands-on and involve more creativity.
  • Your final project becomes a showcase of your own actual artwork.


For the maiden voyage of AOE Studio Classes, we’re releasing two courses for you to choose from. Studio Printmaking and Studio Ceramics. Both classes begin November 1st!


This class will break down various printmaking processes you can use with your students at any age level without fancy equipment and with all of the safety and developmentally appropriate information you need. You will try out various monoprint techniques, image transfers, traditional and nontruadional linocuts, collagraphs, and many other unique and alternative processes. No press or chemicals necessary. Learn more about this class, see example printmaking assignments, and preview the course syllabus by clicking the button below.Learn More Now


CeramicsDuring this course you’ll fill in all the gaps, and experiment with hands-on, advanced ceramics techniques such as using slips and underglazes, unique texture treatments, advanced hand-building techniques, and make historical and interdisciplinary connections. As you create useful tools and finished pieces for the classroom, you will also learn how to break ceramics skills down for your students in a developmentally appropriate way and revamp your ceramics curriculum from the inside out! Learn about this class, see example ceramics assignments, and preview the course syllabus by clicking the button below.

Learn More Now


Each AOE Studio Class is worth 3 graduate credits, or 120 clock hours. Unlike our traditional classes, each class is held over the course of 8 weeks instead of 5. Three extra weeks give you extra time to secure supplies and complete the hands-on lessons.


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If you’d like more information about AOE Studio Classes, you can read more right here.

Both Printmaking and Ceramics will start on November 1st!

If you want to know about AOE’s Online Classes in general, everything you need is right here.

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Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is AOEU’s Founder and a former AOEU Writer and elementary art educator. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.

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