The Anatomy of a PRO Learning Pack

Earlier today, we introduced you to a new, personalized-learning subscription for art teachers, Art Ed PRO. You’ve read all about PRO’s unique format– the on-demand topics, the customizable pacing, and the ease to participate at any time, no matter where you are. Unlimited, personalized, and self-paced PD hours are about to be the new norm in art ed.

Now that you’ve been introduced to this comprehensive new PD subscription, you may be wondering what actually makes up an Art Ed PRO Learning Pack.

Here are the top 10 components you’ll find in an Art Ed PRO Learning Pack.

1. PRO Pack Title

No more trying to make connections to PD sessions that have nothing to do with your everyday teaching. Instead, find relevant, timely topics that align with your curriculum, assessment strategies, classroom management plan, and more. It’s PD that’s customized for your exact needs.

2. Video Tutorials

Each PRO Learning Pack is comprised of a series of exclusive videos showcasing expert licensed art teachers from around the country. You won’t find these videos anywhere else! Each facilitator brings years of experience, as well as tried and true examples, methods, and strategies from their own classroom experience.

3. Modules

PRO Learning Pack modules are organized by a series of progressive video tutorials carefully arranged to exhibit best practices in art ed. The number and length of the video tutorials will vary within each Learning Pack depending on the presented topic.

4. Free Preview

Every PRO Learning Pack contains a free video tutorial hand-selected for you to preview. Take a peek at all 30 free previews to get a taste of what each Learning Pack contains. Of course, once you become a subscriber, you’ll have full access to the entire PRO Library where three brand-new packs are added each month.

5. Module Drop-Down Menus

PRO Learning Packs do not stop at expert video tutorials. Use the drop down arrow to explore corresponding resources such as printable documents and links to additional information.

6. About This Pack Tab

Curious about the topic but want to know more before you dive in? Skim through the About tab to see the Learning Pack’s PD settings, bulleted takeaways, and comprehensive description.

7. Discussion Tab

Interact with other Art Ed PRO members around the world through the discussion tab. Share your unique experiences, support your peers with ideas and advice, and enjoy being part of this global, online community of art educators.

8. Resources Tab

Explore a library of premium printable resources carefully curated to support the video tutorials throughout the Learning Pack. You’ll find everything from assessment examples to anchor charts to vocabulary lists and more. Every document is ready for you to print and use immediately.

9. Links Tab

Dive deeper into the Learning Pack’s topics through correlating links to articles, podcasts, and lesson plans.

10. Purchasing Options

Ready to purchase your own subscription? Get a head start on logging your continuing ed hours–follow the “Subscribe” button to get your PRO account set up today!

Try Out PRO Today!

Gone are the days of trivial, one-size-fits-all PD! Join the PRO community right away to start your journey of essential and personalized learning!

What questions do you have about Art Ed PRO? Let us know in the comment section!

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Tracy Hare

Tracy Hare, a middle school art educator, is a former AOEU Writer. She strives to deepen students’ 21st-century skills by encouraging them to practice critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills.

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