Your Kindred Artist is:

Marisol Escobar

Key Traits Your Art Shares with Marisol Escobar’s:

  • Innovative and Multidimensional: You don’t just create art; you create experiences. Your work, like Escobar’s, likely transcends traditional mediums, blending various elements to create something entirely new and deeply engaging.
  • Observant and Reflective: Escobar was known for her sharp observation skills and introspective nature. You too have a keen eye for the subtleties of the world around you, often infusing your work with insightful social commentary or personal introspection.
  • Playful yet Insightful: Your art, reminiscent of Escobar’s, probably balances whimsy with depth. You have the unique ability to approach serious themes with a light-hearted touch, making your work both accessible and thought-provoking.
  • Independent Spirit: Escobar was known for her individualistic approach, often working outside the mainstream art scene. Like her, you value your creative independence and are not afraid to follow your own path, even if it differs from the norm.

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Students will investigate the impact of an artist’s identity on their artwork and apply their understanding by creating art that communicates various aspects of their own personal identity.

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In this PRO Pack, Janani Nathan guides art teachers in diverse communities to overcome challenges by fostering authentic understanding through practical strategies for relationship building, community connection, and empowering students to use art as a means of exploring and addressing contemporary issues.

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