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Toni Bailey, PhD

Consistently interested in the social reproduction of norms, my research focuses on demystifying curriculum discourse concerning identity and the creative thinking related to identity. I was a middle school art teacher for ten years, and throughout my time there, I learned a tremendous amount about child development, artistic expression, and ultimately the human condition. Therefore, as a professor in higher education, I enjoy intertwining nuances of social interactions within the unlimited boundaries of creative thought to further understand cognition and also just ways of being.

In my free time, I often paint, recently exploring watercolor. I LOVE to read and write, and I have pioneered a research journal. I cherish traveling the world with my family and absorbing new cultures. Also, I have taken a recent interest in gardening! Planting vegetables from the seed is so satisfying to me, and I think that speaks to who I am philosophically.

Professional Accomplishments:


PhD in Curriculum & Instruction, Mercer University | 2018

Dissertation Title: “Riddle Me This Batman”: A Critically Visual Bricolage of the Agency for Sociocurricular Positions in the Middle School Classroom

MAT in Special Education & Elementary Education, Xavier University of Louisiana | 2012

BA in Fine Arts, Xavier University of Louisiana | 2009


Bailey, T. (2022). A discourse-historical approach to identifying potential origins of the “good teacher” ideology. The Qualitative Report. Submitted for publication.

Bailey, T. (2021). Why art teachers should publish their work—“Unraveling publish or perish”. The Art of Education University Magazine. https://theartofeducation.edu/2021/10/04/oct-why-art-teachers-should-publish-their-work-unraveling-publish-or-perish/#comment-220724

Bailey, T. (in press). Falling in Line: Teachers’ Dialectical Confrontation and Development of Standardized Assessment Ideology. Journal of Restorative Resistance.

Bailey, T. (2019). “Riddle me this Batman”: An Exploration of the Agency for Sociocurricular Positions in Middle School. Paper presented at the 2019 annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association. AERA Online Paper Repository.

Teaching Certification-

–  Curriculum and Instruction (P–12, and Higher Education)

–  Art (P–12)

–  Early Childhood Education (P–5)

–  SP ED Adapted Curriculum (P–12)

–  SP ED General Curriculum (P–12)

–  SP ED Language Arts Cognitive Level (P–5)

–  SP ED Math Cognitive Level (P–5)

–  SP ED Reading Cognitive Level (P–5)

–  SP ED Science Cognitive Level (P–5, 4–8, 6–12)

–  SP ED Social Science Cognitive Level (P–5)

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Why Art Teachers Should Publish Their Work—“Unraveling Publish or Perish”

Art of Education Magazine & Media Article