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Toni Bailey, PhD

Associate Professor & Admissions Counselor

Hi, my name is Dr. Toni Marie Bailey. I am an adjunct professor, middle school art teacher, and fine arts chair in Atlanta, Georgia. I earned both my B.A. in Fine Arts and M.A.T. in special and general education from Xavier University of Louisiana. A few years later, in 2018, I earned my Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Mercer University in Atlanta, Georgia.

As a critically conscious creator and educator alike, my teaching philosophy has developed by spending much of my life diverging from legitimatized behaviors and expressions of conformity in search of the unique truths, cultural integrities, and knowledge sets of my students. To promote students’ creative inclinations and, thus, their potential for academic success, I have pioneered a research journal, written curricula, committed to community service and advocacy, and provided pedagogical expertise to enhance equitable classroom environments across the nation.

In my free time, I love cooking and traveling the world with my husband and daughter. Also, I have taken a recent interest in gardening! Planting vegetables from the seed is so satisfying to me, and I think it speaks to who I am philosophically.

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