How to Use Everyday Items to Distribute Supplies

As the summer starts to wind down, I’m beginning to think about the upcoming school year and all of the projects I want to do with my students. We all know those projects will require supplies, but the real trick is getting those materials distributed to students. Why not utilize some of the resources you already have to make supply distribution easier? If you’re curious to know more about these everyday items, watch the video and prepare for your supply distribution to be revolutionized!

What tricks do you implement to make supply distribution easier?

Do you tend to be the one passing out supplies or do you let your students take the lead?


4 years ago

Jennifer is an middle school art teacher in Kansas who is passionate about creating an organized, well-managed environment where students feel comfortable to learn and explore.


  • Great idea with the egg carton – plus, is that an oven in your room? – sweet!

    • Oh yes, I inherited the oven. It is pretty cool although we don’t use it much for art. However, I am not a fan of everyone else in the building wanting to use it, especially when I am teaching. :)

      • Susan

        If I had an oven in my art room I’d do puffy paint with my students!

  • Catherine Shelley

    Empty cat/pet food boxes are as excellent as the sturdy plastic trays. Enter a chain pet store to find almost empty or empty shallow cat food boxes. Prep ahead with collage materials for easy distribution. Student work can also be stored by labeling the box for quick and easy distribution and pick up. I have organized yarn and sewing supplies for each table to eliminate long waiting time. Lots of boxes. Lots of uses!

    • Yvonne

      Love this idea. I use the shallow boxes that water and juice come in. Because they have and edge nothing is dropped. I also invested in the spill proof paint cups. When we are working on a painting project they stay on the table. I put a large popsicle stick in each container. Students use the popsicle sticks to place dabs of paint on their palettes. The palettes are the Styrofoam trays that student get their lunches on. The students and teacher save them for me. It is part of the clean up procedure to throw out the used palette at the end of class. This keep the paint colors from being ruined for the next class.

      • Those are some really neat ideas Yvonne! I especially like the idea of boxes that have edges. Smart!

    • Excellent suggestions!

  • Yvonne

    Were are you buying the tip proof water cups?

  • Elizabeth Castor

    I discovered that my local shoe store would collect discarded/unwanted shoe boxes for me. If I put in a request and give it two weeks I can have a class set of shoe boxes with lids. The sizes and styles of the boxes are a little varied but I find that it’s really helpful and free! Then, I have them for projects or organized storage.