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Save Your Budget: Repurpose Everyday Items Into Extraordinary Projects in the Art Room (Ep. 5)

Engaging projects don’t have to use a lot of expensive supplies and tools. There are tons of extraordinary projects using repurposed and recycled items! Grab extra paper plates, napkins, toilet paper, or plastic cups and turn them into fun mushroom sculptures, food plates, or paper flowers. Reuse paper bags, newspapers, and magazines and turn them into assemblage boxes, portfolios, or paper beads. Join Renae as she reveals these projects to help you make the most of your art budget! Don’t miss the next episode, where Renae chats about how to ask for help!

For more tips about being resourceful, take a look at the following:

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Lindsey McGinnis

Lindsey McGinnis is AOEU’s Media Content Manager and a former high school art educator. She is passionately equipping art teachers to be successful in their classrooms and firmly believes that art is a safe place for students to explore and process the challenging topics and concepts around them.

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