The Perfect Kindergarten Project to Show Student Growth

With the beginning of the school year quickly approaching, many of you have probably started to plan out your first lessons. One of my favorite first-day lessons for Kindergarten is not only super easy but lends itself quite well to showing student growth. Intriguing right? Make sure to check out the video so you can breeze through that first day with Kindergarten without any struggles.

P.S. Here’s another first day option from Jessica.

What’s your favorite first day lesson for Kindergarten?

Do you have a project (for any grade level) that shows student growth? Tell us about it! Pictures welcome!

4 years ago

Jennifer is an middle school art teacher in Kansas who is passionate about creating an organized, well-managed environment where students feel comfortable to learn and explore.


  • mary kernan

    On their 1st day of art I always have my kindergarten classes create a small self -portrait in pencil. I have a pre made framed worksheet that is titled and dated 1st day of kindergarten art September ___. I instruct them to just draw a picture of themselves and then write their name (if they can). I usually go around and write their name on the back just to be sure. I repeat this drawing 3 more times during the year and in June staple them all together to show growth. It is amazing.

    • Aw! How fun! I could probably include something like that in their sketchbooks!

  • ElizTownsend

    I love this idea, Jennifer! Thank you!