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The Perfect One-Day Lesson

Oil Pastel Tie-Dye is a simple, one-day lesson that you can whip out at a moment’s notice. It’s perfect for a variety of situations, from the class that gets ahead to a day when you have to be out of the art room. As a bonus, the effect is so mesmerizing that it’s guaranteed to have both elementary and high school students sitting quietly in their seats for the whole class period. You might say it’s the perfect one-day lesson. Interested? Watch the video to find out how it’s done!

Does this project have you itching to create the real thing? Don’t miss the Tie-Dye Techniques PRO Learning Pack! Abby takes you through everything you need to know to create beautiful handmade items!

Do you have any no-fail lessons to share? 

How do you use up old supplies in your art room? 

7 years ago

Amanda Heyn is the Director of K-12 Professional Development at The Art of Education. She enjoys helping to create relevant, engaging PD just for art teachers.