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Three Easy Ways to Get Your Tables Cleaner Faster

Some of the messiest areas in our classrooms are the tables where students have been busy creating. As a self-proclaimed clean freak, I like to make sure my room looks sparkling clean every time a new class comes in. So, it’s important to me that my tables are spotless.

In the video, I explain three easy ways to get your tables into tip-top shape. It doesn’t matter whether it’s clay week or a messy painting project, there is a solution in there for you! If you’re tired of a big cleanup at the end of the day or you’d like your room to shine, make sure to take a peek and see how your tables can be transformed.

How do you get your tables cleaned up quickly?

Do you clean your room or do you get students involved in the process? What does cleanup time look like for you?

5 years ago

Jennifer is an middle school art teacher in Kansas who is passionate about creating an organized, well-managed environment where students feel comfortable to learn and explore.