AOE LIVE: Episode 16: “The Alchemy of Art: Inspiration and Making Meaning” with Addie Hirschten

Addie Hirschten, author of The Alchemy of Art, appeared on the show to talk about how we find inspiration in both the art we experience and the art we make. Addie is also a painter, storyteller, and museum educator, and her insights on creativity, influence, and art made for a great discussion. Download the podcast or watch the show to find out how a few captivating stories can transform your classroom!










Here are a few of the articles discussed and a few other gems from the Art of Ed:

  • You can see Addie’s website, which showcases her art, storytelling, and other creative endeavors.
  • You can buy The Alchemy of Art in paperback or for your Kindle over at Amazon.
  • If you need more podcasts in your life, head on over to the page for Addie’s Alchemy of Art Podcast or check it out on iTunes.
  • Check out Tim’s Alchemy of Art book review, as well as his ideas for reading aloud to your students.
  • Toward the end of the show, Addie and Tim discussed the architect Hundertwasser. There is a great episode of 99 Percent Invisible all about his work.
  • Tim talked about the new Studio Art Classes that will be debuting next week. Sign up for that or any of our great AOE Classes soon!
  • In addition, Tim talked about the AOE Winter Conference 2016, which is already open for registration!
  • Lastly, Andrew broke the news that only two episodes of AOE Live remain. Please join us on November 10th, with Bob Reeker, the NAEA National Convention Coordinator, and November 24th, with Laura Lohman of Painted Paper.
    Alchemy of Art AOE LIVE post

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