3 Essential Downloads For the First Day of School

Back-to-school planning is in full swing for most art teachers, and we are here to help streamline your classroom prep process with three essential downloads.

1. “My Ideal Art Class Experience” Student Survey

Effective educators build meaningful relationships with their students, but this process takes time. What if you were able to survey your students about their interests, artistic strengths, and favorite mediums? Wouldn’t knowledge like this help inform your instruction and classroom management in significant ways?

Well, you can learn all this in a single class period with this simple first-day student survey. Once students complete it, you can review them to look for patterns or information that will help you form connections with individuals and groups of kids.

Organize your new found student knowledge in a tabbed binder or by creating a file folder for each class. Download the one below or create your own!


Download Now!

2. Student Sign Out Sheet

During art class, students have to leave the room for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s a simple bathroom or drink break. Other times, it’s a visit to the office or school nurse. Whatever the reason for leaving the room, it is your responsibility to keep accurate records of your students’ whereabouts in case of emergency.

This download is ready to print and place on a clipboard near your door. Students can quickly document when they left and where they are going. This stress-free routine is easy to implement as you teach your classroom procedures at the start of the school year.


Download Now!

3. Art Room Passes

Why spend money or time making classroom passes when these beautiful downloads are perfect for art classroom use? Use them as disposable passes, or create a permanent set for your room.

  • For the disposable version, print multiple copies of each pass, cut them apart, and keep a stack on your desk to sign and use as you see fit.
  • For the permanent version, print a color copy of each pass onto heavy-duty card stock and laminate it. Then, either attach a magnet and stick them to your board, or hole punch, add a ribbon, and hang them on a set of hooks.

art room passes

Download Now!

Starting a new school year can be a bit chaotic- use these downloads to save time, get to know students, and make the first day a great day!

What other suggestions do you have for collecting and organizing data about your students?

What other invaluable resources do you suggest during back-to-school time?

Lindsey Moss

Learning Team

Lindsey Moss is an elementary art teacher in Yorkville, Illinois. She enjoys art history and finding creative and artistic solutions to educational challenges.


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  • Rollyn Sean Winters

    These are excellent starters for the school year. It was recommended by a colleague that the first classes in a new school should be about expectations, consequences and classroom procedures. These are great supplements. I look forward to using these; just hope I’m first in line at the laminator!

  • Jason Jacks

    Are there any of these forms that are translated into other languages? This would be VERY important in schools that have dual language programs….. Thanks! :)

    • Hi Jason, That’s a great point! Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to provide our documents in other languages. Some districts do have translators, so that may be a good option to check out!

      • Jason Jacks

        Thanks!! My school has a translator and I am planning on doing so but just recommending to the Art of Ed for the future :)

  • Carissa Parkhurst

    Is there, by chance, a version of this that has a column for the day’s date? Or a version that i can edit on the computer to add in a column for the date?

    Thank you for this resource. I especially like how it uses pictures for the destination choices instead of words. This is helpful for my EL students.

    • Hi Carissa!

      This is the only version that we have. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide editable documents. Perhaps your students could write the date in the white space to the left of the name column?

      So glad it will be helpful for your EL students!

      • Carissa Parkhurst

        Yup, that is what we are doing. I explained to them that they needed to do that, even sample filled it out for all to see. Some kids still aren’t putting the date… like if there’s no official column it’s not required… lol.. it’s middle school, c’est la vie

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