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Lindsey Moss

Content Specialist

Hello! My name is Lindsey Moss.As a long-time fan of the AOEU magazine, I have regularly used practical ideas from AOEU’s platforms since meeting Jessica Balsey at the IAEA conference over a decade ago. In 2016, I applied to be a writer, which has led to various content production roles, including magazine writer, FLEX Curriculum Contributor, and PRO Learning Facilitator. I have also had my dream job for nearly two decades, teaching elementary art in the suburban/rural community of Yorkville, Illinois. My professional passion is finding creative ways to merge my quirky personality with the structure of my school district. I love to face educational challenges with imaginative, collaborative, and fun solutions.In my personal life, my husband and I juggle two fabulous daughters and many corgis. Our family enjoys river float trips, crafting, and TV binging together.

Professional Accomplishments:

  • National Board Recertification (2020)
  • AOEU Magazine article of the year (2018)
  • National Board Certification (2010)
  • Masters of Arts in Teaching, Aurora University–Aurora, IL (2008)
  • Bachelor of Science in Art Education, Northern Illinois University–Dekalb, IL (2004)
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