3 Essential Downloads for the First Day of School

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Back-to-school planning is in full swing for most art teachers, and we are here to help streamline your classroom prep process with three essential downloads.

1. “My Ideal Art Class Experience” Student Survey

Effective educators build meaningful relationships with their students, but this process takes time. What if you were able to survey your students about their interests, artistic strengths, and favorite mediums? Wouldn’t knowledge like this help inform your instruction and classroom management in significant ways?

Well, you can learn all this in a single class period with this simple first-day student survey. Once students complete it, you can review them to look for patterns or information that will help you form connections with individuals and groups of kids.

Organize your newfound student knowledge in a tabbed binder or by creating a file folder for each class. Download the one below or create your own!

downloadable resource

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2. Student Sign Out Sheet

During art class, students have to leave the room for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s a simple bathroom or drink break. Other times, it’s a visit to the office or school nurse. Whatever the reason for leaving the room, it is your responsibility to keep accurate records of your students’ whereabouts in case of emergency.

This download is ready to print and place on a clipboard near your door. Students can quickly document when they left and where they are going. This stress-free routine is easy to implement as you teach your classroom procedures at the start of the school year.

downloadable resource

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3. Art Room Passes

Why spend money or time making classroom passes when these beautiful downloads are perfect for art classroom use? Use them as disposable passes, or create a permanent set for your room.

  • For the disposable version, print multiple copies of each pass, cut them apart, and keep a stack on your desk to sign and use as you see fit.
  • For the permanent version, print a color copy of each pass onto heavy-duty card stock and laminate it. Then, either attach a magnet and stick them to your board, or hole punch, add a ribbon, and hang them on a set of hooks.

downloadable resource

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Starting a new school year can be a bit chaotic- use these downloads to save time, get to know students, and make the first day a great day!

What other suggestions do you have for collecting and organizing data about your students?

What other invaluable resources do you suggest during back-to-school time?

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Lindsey Moss

Lindsey Moss, an elementary school art educator, is AOEU’s Content Specialist and a former AOEU Writer. She enjoys art history and finding creative and fun solutions to educational challenges.

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