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The 10 Best Videos from Our AOEU Archives

If you’ve been a long-time reader, you may know that we used to post video content in the AOEU magazine regularly. With 2021 marking ten years of publishing, we thought it was the perfect time to take a walk down memory lane. Whether you need a quick organizational tip or a good belly laugh, we have you covered with this list! Curious to see all past video content? You can do that right here. And, if you love learning via video, don’t forget to check out PRO Learning. Earn PD hours anytime, anywhere!

The 10 Best Videos from Our AOEU Archives

The Perfect One-Day Lesson

Need a quick lesson that will mesmerize your students? Look no further than oil pastel tie-dye. Watch this quick video to learn the technique to engage students no matter their age!

A Winning Lesson for the First Day of Kindergarten Art

This is our most-watched video on YouTube! Jessica takes you through a lesson that’s perfect for getting a sense of your youngest students’ basic skills.

A Simpler Way to Create a Drawing Grid

Do you recoil at the thought of having to teach the grid method one more time? Do you feel like crying when you think about teaching your students how to use a ruler? Check out this video for a quick and easy alternative!

Teach Your Students to Paint with Fire

Painting with fire? Isn’t that dangerous? Well, yes, but it’s also very cool. If you’re looking for a non-traditional technique to add to your classroom, give painting with fire a try. As always consult, your administrator before trying something like this in the classroom!

How to Deal with Poorly Made Bongs

In what is surely our funniest video ever made, Tim Bogatz shows you exactly what to do when students make unwise choices in the ceramics studio.

A Surprising Solution for a Smoother Cleanup

Do you struggle with having students use your garbage can like a basketball hoop? What if the solution to solving the problem was embracing the game? Check out Abby’s genius solution in this video.

How to Spruce Up Your Room With This Secret Trick

The art room you’re given isn’t always your dream scenario. If you’ve been gifted with less-than-ideal surroundings, try the trick in this video to spruce them up!

How to Do Paper Mache with Kindergarten

Paper mache is one of those mediums that art teachers love or hate. Furthermore, almost no one tries to tackle it with a group of five-year-olds. Well, that’s about to change. Watch this video to see how paper mache with young students is possible!

3 Essential Tools for Adaptive Art

Creating tools for your adaptive art students is easier than you think. Watch this video for some simple ideas to create tools to make art more accessible for all students in your classroom.

Make Quick Clay Slabs Using Only Your Hands

A slab roller is an expensive piece of equipment to acquire for your art room. Luckily, with the technique in this video, you won’t need one! Take a peek to find out how to make a slab using just your hands.

There you have it! Our 10 best videos from the AOEU archives! Once again, you can find all of the videos we have right here.

Which AOEU video is your favorite?

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Amanda Heyn

Amanda Heyn is AOEU’s Director of K–12 PD & Media and a former AOEU Writer and elementary art educator. She enjoys creating relevant and engaging professional development just for art teachers.

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