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Chelsea Solano


Hi! I’m Chelsea Solano, and I am a 6th–12th-grade art teacher in Texas. I’m a mom of three little ones, and they fill my life with love and chaos. In my free time, I like to work on my own fiber art, write, crochet, read, and do woodworking. My home is my happy place, and a garage full of sawdust always helps me relax. I don’t like to buy what I can make myself, so I almost always have a project in the works in my garage!

At work, I am passionate about pushing my students to the next artistic level and helping them break down the thoughts that limit their art. However, I value my relationships with my students over everything else. I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be when I have discussions with the students about their hopes, dreams, fears, and life in general. I always want them to feel valued, seen, and encouraged by their interactions with me.

I’ve found my passion in art education, but when I first landed a teaching position, I constantly questioned whether I was doing my job “right.” When searching for guidance, I came across AOEU, binged its resources, and decided to sign up for its master’s program. After applying what I’ve learned in the program and experimenting with different instructional techniques in the classroom, I feel passionate about sharing what works with other art educators looking for guidance. I feel very blessed to be able to do this as part of the AOEU team!

Professional Accomplishments:

I. Education

Master’s Degree in art education (in-progress; The Art of Education University)

Bachelor of Arts Degree in English literature, University of North Texas | 2013

Minor in Fine Arts, University of North Texas | 2013

II. Certifications

6th–12th Grade Art Education

Technical Writing, University of North Texas | 2013

III. Publications

Criticisms of Patriarchy in Mary Rowlandson’s The Sovereignty and Goodness of God (1682); (2013; The Eagle Feather)

IV. Boards/Committees/Clubs

Electives Department Head

NHS Sponsor

Art Club Sponsor

Lighthouse Committee Member

Charter Improvement Committee Member

Student Activities Committee Member (2020–2021)

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