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Arts Integration: How Art Increases Academic Capacity

Learn to lead students to academic success by integrating art with other core areas like literacy, math, and science.

School leaders play a pivotal role in ensuring achievement is part of the school culture. In this course, participants will assume a leadership role as they investigate the power visual arts have to increase academic capacity beyond the art room and across the entire district. They will explore integrations in literacy, math, science, and other core areas. Finally, participants will translate their learning into a leadership improvement plan, benefiting learners both inside and outside the art room walls.

See the course syllabus and Graduate Catalog for more details.

Required Materials

Purchase: None

Additional Materials

  • Computer with basic audio and video input and output equipment
  • Internet access (broadband recommended)
  • Basic computing skills (see AOEU’s Technology Requirements)
  • Access to AOEU’s online learning platform, Brightspace, to view course content, submit assignments, and engage in discussion (provided)
  • A Google Drive account (not provided by AOEU)
  • Word-processing platform (Microsoft Office, Pages, Google Docs)
Graduate Credits
All courses will now close at 11 PM Central time on the 27th of each month. Graduate Credits 3 Graduate Credits
Price Graduate Credit $1197.00
Mon 8 Sun
Jun 5 Weeks Jul 30
Upcoming Course Run Dates
Jun 5 Jul 30
AOEU Course Code
Morningside Course Code
EDUC500 AOE044

Course Objectives

  • Analyze and assess leadership frameworks and styles to advance skills for leading classrooms, as well as identify opportunities for growth as a leader.
  • Improve collaboration skills through mapping arts integration for various curricula and grades.
  • Defend the value of arts integration for STEM and humanities courses.
  • Sketch meaningful learning experiences for arts integration in the digital space that encourage play, engagement, equity, and resiliency.
  • Develop advocacy skills for arts integration achievement with students, the school district, and the broader community.

Course Breakdown

Week 1
What is the value of arts in schools?
  1. Research the culture of your school or district.
  2. Create an infographic to inform stakeholders about the value of the arts.
Week 2
Art and the Humanities
  1. Analyze Common Core and National Core Arts Standards.
  2. Create a visual project example showing how two standards in opposing areas might connect.
Week 3
Transforming STEM into STEAM
  1. Research and analyze an example of effective integration of the arts in STEAM.
  2. Empathize with STEM instructors by conducting a qualitative interview or creating a STEM arts integration plan.
Week 4
Art Intervention and Support
  1. Research and identify a group of students from your school who are currently receiving additional support.
  2. Design an engaging and relevant lesson plan that successfully integrates the arts into their classroom.
Week 5
Leadership and Collaboration with Colleagues
  1. Identify strength and growth areas in leadership.
  2. Design a planning document, a district or community evaluation, or a professional development tool.
Week 6
Integrating the Arts in Other Spaces
  1. Analyze edtech art making tools.
  2. Create a video tutorial on an edtech tool to use in an online classroom.
Week 7
Advocacy & Application
  1. Strategize techniques for arts integration in schools.
  2. Design and propose an integration experience to bring art to non-art classrooms.
Week 8
  1. Reflect on your art integration journey from the beginning to the end.
  2. Complete your arts integration portfolio.

Design an Arts Integration Experience for Historically Underserved Learners

A sample assignment from Week 4 of Arts Integration.

1. Research

Research and identify a group of students from your school who are currently receiving additional support. This could include students in Special Education, English Learners, reading support, etc.

2. Discussion

Share your group with colleagues and collaborate on shared experiences.

3. Practical Application

Design an engaging and relevant lesson plan that successfully integrates the arts into their classroom. Lesson plans can reflect an in-person and/or digital teaching experience.

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