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Student Services

Welcome to Student Services

Student Services is dedicated to your academic success and professional growth. When you earn your master’s degree from The Art of Education University, you can expect personalized support at every step – from registration to graduation.

We believe that rigorous, relevant learning requires rigorous, relevant support. Learn more about university offerings, from academic advising to research to networking with AOEU students.

Academic Advising

When you enroll, your admissions counselor will introduce you to your academic advisor. This team also works as faculty at AOEU, so they can give you the inside scoop about how to learn online and succeed in your courses. Even better, they’re art teachers, too. They speak your language, understand what you need to reach your goals, and can give suggestions for exciting elective options.

Work one-on-one with your advisor to turn your timeline, interests, and goals into a personalized degree plan. They’ll give you as much (or as little!) support as you need to be successful.
Basically, your advisor is your person. They’ll work with you until you graduate!


Library Services

Relevant and timely research and continued learning are at the heart of your degree. Library services are included in your tuition and include:

  • Access to thousands of resources in several databases through EBSCOhost and ERIC
  • Full access to premium content through PRO Learning while you’re enrolled in the master’s degree
  • Digital meetings and one-on-one support from the Head of Library Services
  • 24-hour access to self-service supports for research, academic writing, and citations

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Slack for Students: The Networking Platform

Degree-seeking students are invited to Slack – the communication platform where #AOEUstudents come together! Connect with other students earning their master’s through AOEU, chat about your courses, share artwork and documents, or just hang out with your friends in the AOEU student union!

Students with Disabilities

The Art of Education University is committed to complying with all applicable provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. To receive disability services at The Art of Education University, the student must submit an Accommodation Application Form for review. All accommodations and services are provided at no expense to the student and are based on individual student needs.

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University for Life

Today, you’re looking for a degree. But tomorrow becoming the best art teacher you can be might look like listening to a podcast, attending a conference, or logging relevant PD hours. AOEU is your university for life supporting you throughout your entire career.