Student Services

Schoology LMS

AOEU courses take place in a digital classroom powered by Schoology. You’ll have access to instructional materials, discussions, assignments, and grades around the clock. Each week’s content is designed to be engaging, relevant, and immediately useful in your classroom. Depending on the course you take, you could be making art, curating a resource for your students, interviewing an expert, or creating a visual aid. Whether your a tech expert or a digital notice, you’ll feel right at home in your AOEU courses. Your instructor or academic advisor can help you navigate the Schoology platform. Click here to learn more about the course experience. 

Academic Advising

When you’re accepted to the program, you’ll be assigned an Academic Advisor. Advisors at AOEU are experienced art teachers who are knowledgeable about individual courses and bigger-picture degree requirements. Work with your advisor to turn your timeline, interests, and professional goals into a personalized degree plan.

Your Academic Advisor is available to support you throughout your degree. They’ll work with you one-on-one, giving you as much (or as little!) support as you need to be successful. If life throws you a curveball, you can work with your advisor to develop a revised degree plan.

Library Services

Self-directed research and learning are important aspects of your degree work. Library services are included in your tuition, so you can access the resources you need to be successful in the program. AOEU students can use several databases in EBSCOhost to conduct reliable research, access peer-reviewed content, and get assistance with citations. Login credentials are provided within each course. Click here to learn more about EBSCOhost.

Additionally, all degree-seeking students have full access to Art Ed PRO during their time in the program. Students are encouraged to use resources which extend their learning and understanding of topics in art education.

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Proctored Events

There are two proctored events during your journey through the program: the Capstone Readiness Exam and the Capstone Research Presentation.

Capstone Readiness Exam

After completing all prerequisite courses, you are ready to register for the Capstone Readiness Exam. You must pass this assessment to unlock access to your final two courses in the program: Mission of Teaching and Capstone. For this exam, you will prepare and present a video in which you respond to key questions from the field. Don’t worry! Your prerequisite course experience has prepared you well for this step! Learn more about the Capstone Readiness Exam.

Capstone Research Presentation

The final step of your MA degree experience is defending your work! In the Capstone Research course you will prepare and write a timely research paper, and then present it to your instructor and peers in a live, virtual classroom. This serves as the final celebration of learning in AOEU’s degree program, as you defend your research. Learn more about the Capstone Research Presentation.

University for Life

Today, you’re looking for a degree. But tomorrow becoming the best art teacher you can be might look like listening to a podcast, attending a conference, or logging relevant PD hours. AOEU is your university for life supporting you throughout your entire career.