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Graduate Admissions

How much will a degree through AOEU cost? How much time will it take? Can I earn a degree while I work every day as an art teacher?

Don’t worry – we’re here to help you make the best decision possible.

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Connect with Admissions

Admissions counselors at AOEU are educators with knowledge of the field, specific course offerings, and state-by-state requirements. If you’re wondering about accreditation, tuition, and how AOEU can help you reach your professional goals, connect with our knowledgeable admissions team. We’re always happy to help.

Email an Admissions Counselor

The admissions team went above and beyond to help me secure a green light from my school district regarding completing a Master’s for salary advancement. AOEU stuck with me through a multitude of emails, phone conversations, and even suggested looking at my district’s contract language. Eureka! The contract held the answer I’d hoped for; Master’s of Art Education, here I come!

– Ellen M.


Admissions Process

There are a lot of considerations to take into account as you think about earning a master’s. Our admissions team is always ready to help you get the answers you need. Start by filling out the form below so we can learn a little bit about your goals and timeline. An Admissions Counselor will get back to you and answer your questions. Then, you can schedule a meeting or get the information you need via email. For more information, review the Admissions Policy.

Answers for Your Questions


3 Easy Steps to Apply

The application process is designed to reflect your work as an artist and educator!

  • Send your official transcripts
  • Write about your “why”
  • Share 4 images and descriptions

Prospective students have the most success when they work with an admissions counselor. Let’s work together!

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Tuition and Fees

Simple and affordable pricing, right out in the open. Refreshing, right?

The total cost of the degree program $15,064 including tuition and fees. That number includes all coursework, fees, library services, 1:1 academic advising, and a complimentary PRO membership to supplement your degree work.


Graduation Rate – 75%*

*The recommended timeframe to graduation is 2 years, although students can take up to five (5) years to graduate. By July 2021, 75% of the first cohort graduated (27 students). Eight (8) students are still pursuing their master’s degrees. A true graduation rate will not be calculated until 2022.

Withdrawal Rate – 3%*

*Students have five (5) years to complete their degree. By July 2021, one (1) student from the first cohort officially withdrew from the degree program. A true withdrawal rate will not be calculated until 2024.



Here’s the breakdown:

  • 27 500-level core and elective credits at $399/credit.
  • 9 600-level credits, Mission of Teaching (3 credits) and Capstone Research (6 credits) at $449/credit.
  • $50 application fee
  • $200 Capstone Entrance Exam fee

Other fees:

  • Textbooks and Supplies – The total cost is dependent on the course and electives taken. Click here to see the estimated costs for each course.
  • Official Transcripts – $10/transcript (we’ll send you one complimentary copy with your diploma)


How much does the degree program cost? Do you accept transfer credits? Will the master’s degree work for me? What courses will I take?
There are a lot of questions when it comes to making the decision to pursue your master’s. We’ve answered some of the most common.

Answers to FAQs

University for Life

Today, you’re looking for a degree. But tomorrow becoming the best art teacher you can be might look like listening to a podcast, attending a conference, or logging relevant PD hours. AOEU is your university for life supporting you throughout your entire career.