Curriculum OVERVIEW

Master of Arts in Art Education

Our MAAE degree is a highly customizable 36-credit graduate-level program with ridiculously relevant and meaningful coursework — including online studio courses — to grow as an artist and art educator.

Your Journey

Upon acceptance into the program, your journey begins! Start by taking four required 500-level core courses (12 credits) in the required order to build solid foundational knowledge. Then, select a mix of studio and practice-based electives (15 credits). Courses can be taken in tandem, and elective courses may be taken in any order.

After completing your 500-level core and elective courses, you are eligible to take the Capstone Entrance Exam. Successful completion of this exam will unlock your final two 600-level core courses, Mission of Teaching and Capstone: Art Education.


Tailor your coursework to your specific interests with 15 elective credits. You’ll cover all aspects of art education and can explore your artistic passions with online studio coursework that leans on practical classroom application.

Designed for working teachers, you can work at your own pace and easily balance your professional and personal commitments. Join AOEU’s teacher-focused program and feel a sense of connectedness through weekly discussion and collaboration. Take your teaching and artistic skills to the next level.

Program Outcomes

The Master of Arts in Art Education engages students as they:
  • Produce advanced professional educational curriculum for the k-12 classroom using art pedagogy and best practices.
  • Evaluate and plan assessment strategies that authentically measure student engagement and teacher effectiveness.
  • Design classroom management strategies using methods specific to the art room.
  • Reconstruct art-specific content and delivery using educational methodologies, learner theories, and new mediums to reach the contemporary art student.
  • Generate leadership and advocacy skills while shaping a professional mission.
  • Conduct meaningful and valuable action research in the field.
  • Exhibit growth as an artist, educator, and action researcher.

Course Descriptions

Pursue your Master of Arts in Art Education at The Art of Education University. Curate a meaningful program that’s specific to your interests and needs. Complete the required core courses and choose the best combination of 15 elective credits to reach your professional goals.

Core Courses


Students must take all four core courses in the prescribed sequence. Each core course is 3 credits for a total of 12 credits.

ARE534Managing the Art Room3
ARE516Instructional Strategies for Art Teachers3
ARE501Assessment in Art Education3
ARE507Designing Your Curriculum3

Elective Courses


Students are required to successfully complete 15 elective credit hours in any combination. Courses can be taken in any order, barring required prerequisites. Students should work with their academic advisor to determine the optimal course progression for their goals.


ARE522Choice-Based Art Education3
ARE560Therapeutic Practices in Art Education3
ARE541Innovation Through Design3
ARE544Arts Integration: How Art Increases Academic Capacity3
ARE546Social-Emotional Learning in the Visual Arts3
DIG547Technology in the 21st-Century Art Room3
ARE549Ethics and Equity for Art Education3
ARE553Designing and Leading Professional Learning3
SPED557Art and Diverse Learners3
SPED563Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in the Art Room3

Studio Electives

ART524Studio: Ceramics3
ART526Studio: Drawing3
ART529Studio: Fibers3
ART539Studio: Graphic Design3
ART229Studio: Painting—Tempera & Acrylic3
ART532Studio: Painting—Watercolor3
ART535Studio: Photography3
ART525Studio: Printmaking3
ART533Studio: Sculpture3

Capstone Courses


The Capstone Entrance Exam shows students’ ability to apply 500-level course learning through academic writing. It is a prerequisite for 600-level coursework.

Core Courses

ARE630Mission of Teaching3
ARE631Capstone: Art Education6

Course catalog

Choose From Over 30 Amazing Courses

We offer over 30 online courses (including 9 hands-on Studio Courses) designed to help art teachers at every stage of their professional career. Whether you’re looking to develop a new art curriculum, get help with classroom fundamentals, incorporate new technology into the classroom, or brush up on your own fine art skills, we’ve got the course for you.

University for Life

Today, you are seeking a degree. Tomorrow, you may need additional support on your journey as an educator and artist. AOEU’s podcasts, videos, conferences, and other PD opportunities will be there to guide you.

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Degree planning is structured around spring, summer, and fall terms—but with courses starting monthly, you can begin your degree at any time.