Online Studio Courses

We offer nine engaging hands-on studio classes you can take online from the comfort of your home. In each course, you’ll learn incredible, advanced media techniques and create your own body of work.

More importantly… you’ll learn exactly how to teach these techniques in the real world of art education.

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Studio: Ceramics
Studio: Drawing
Studio: Fibers
Studio: Graphic Design
Studio: Painting–Tempera and Acrylic
Studio: Painting–Watercolor
Studio: Photography
Studio: Printmaking
Studio: Sculpture

What’s it like to take an online Studio Course?

Unlike traditional studio courses…

In your undergrad studio classes, you likely found yourself among peers focused solely on mastering techniques. As an art educator, you need to both learn these techniques and effectively teach them in a K–12 classroom. Our studio courses bridge this gap, providing you with the skills for your own artwork and the methods to inspire your students.

BenefitsTraditional Studio CoursesAOEU Online Studio Courses
Study Advanced Techniquescheckmarkcheckmark
Hands-On Learningcheckmarkcheckmark
Create Your Own Body-of-Workcheckmarkcheckmark
Use Real Materialscheckmarkcheckmark
Get Detailed Feedback From Your Instructor and Peerscheckmarkcheckmark
Work From Home or Schoolcheckmark
No Travel or Time Away From Familycheckmark
*Strong Focus on Practical Application & Teaching Methodscheckmark
A Classroom Full of Other Art Teachers for Feedback and Group Learningcheckmark

Go Beyond Hands-On…

In each of our studio courses, we take the extra step of providing our students with useful handouts and downloads that summarize and simplify their learning. During the course, you’ll also create your own valuable handouts that can be utilized in your art room right away.

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