Graduate Course Schedule

2024 Course Schedule

All courses start on the 1st Monday of each month they are offered.
Course registration closes on the 15th of the preceding month.

Course TitleJan ’24Feb ’24Mar ’24Apr ’24May ’24Jun ’24Jul ’24Aug ’24Sep ’24Oct ’24Nov ’24Dec ’24
Adapting the Art Room
Advocating for the Visual Arts
Art and Diverse Learners
Art and Early Childhood Education
Arts Integration: How Art Increases Academic Capacity
Assessment in Art Education
Back-to-School Bootcamp
Capstone Entrance Exam: Art Education
Capstone: Art Education
Capstone Entrance Exam: Curriculum and Instruction
Choice-Based Art Education
Classroom Management Strategies for Diverse Learners
Cultural Competency in Art Education
Curriculum and Assessment
Designing and Leading Professional Learning
Designing Your Art Curriculum
Educating Through Art History
Essentials of Art
Essentials of Education
Ethics and Equity for Art Education Leadership
Foundations of Action Research
Foundations of Art Education
Innovation Through Design
Instructional Strategies for Art Teachers
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in the Art Room
Intentional Curriculum Design
Managing the Art Room
Mind, Brain, and Learning
Mission of Teaching
Principles of Art and Business
Reaching All Artists Through Differentiation
Reflective Practitioner
Social-Emotional Learning in the Visual Arts
Studio: Ceramics
Studio: Drawing
Studio: Fibers
Studio: Graphic Design
Studio: Painting–Tempera and Acrylic
Studio: Painting–Watercolor
Studio: Photography
Studio: Printmaking
Studio: Sculpture
Technology in the 21st-Century Art Room
The Art of Teaching of Learning
The Rejuvenated Teacher
Therapeutic Practices in Art Education
Please note that course offerings and schedules are subject to change.

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