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Curriculum Overview

The Master of Arts in Art Education from the Art of Education University is a highly customizable 36-credit graduate level program. It has been designed with the working Art Educator in mind with ridiculously relevant and meaningful courses and programming!

Upon acceptance into the program, your journey begins! You’ll begin by taking four required 500-level core courses (12 credits) and choosing from a menu of elective courses (15 credits). These courses can be taken in tandem, and in any order.

After completing your 500-level core and elective courses, you are eligible to take the Capstone Entrance Exam. Successful completion of this exam will unlock your final two 600-level core courses, Mission of Teaching and Capstone Research.


Personalized Timelines

You should be able to earn a higher degree without sacrificing your career or family life. At AOEU, you can take courses on your own time.

Once admitted into AOEU’s MA program you will be assigned an Academic Advisor who can help you plan your perfect timeline and curricular path.

Timelines are flexible. Most students complete their degree in 2 years or less.


Program Outcomes

Program outcomes for the Master of Arts in Art Education engage students as they:

  • Produce advanced professional educational curriculum for the k-12 classroom using art pedagogy and best practices.
  • Evaluate and plan assessment strategies that authentically measure student engagement and teacher effectiveness.
  • Design classroom management strategies using methods specific to the art room.
  • Reconstruct art-specific content and delivery using educational methodologies, learner theories, and new mediums to reach the contemporary art student.
  • Generate leadership and advocacy skills while shaping a professional mission.
  • Conduct meaningful and valuable action research in the field.
  • Exhibit growth as an artist, educator, and action researcher.

Course Descriptions

When pursuing a Master of Arts in Art Education from The Art of Education University you will curate a meaningful program specific to your needs and interests. You will enroll in our Core courses, but also have the freedom to choose from a selection of 15 elective credits. There are so many options!

Core Courses

University for Life

Today, you’re looking for a degree. But tomorrow becoming the best art teacher you can be might look like listening to a podcast, attending a conference, or logging relevant PD hours. AOEU is your university for life supporting you throughout your entire career.