An Experience Ahead of its Class

As an art teacher, you’re required to undergo regular professional development. Learning, though, shouldn’t feel like something you have to do – it should be something you want to do! Our online graduate courses are engaging, relevant, practical, and approachable.

On Your Schedule - At Your Speed

We get it — you’re busy. Professional learning shouldn’t be a burden, it should be convenient. Our courses a​re accelerated to help you get what you need and apply it in your art room. There are​ no required log-in times, so you’ll never be caught off guard. In addition, you’ll receive full access to the complete course on day one. Assignments are typically due on the same day each week to keep organization simple.

Relevant Coursework

Every AOEU course is created by art teachers, taught by art teachers, and attended by art teachers. There’s no need to “make a connection” – everything here has been designed just for you.

Technology as a Learning Tool

If you’ve never tried online learning, the technology might seem a bit intimidating. The truth is, it’s no more complicated than attaching a file to your email, browsing the web, or creating a digital presentation. You’ll probably learn some new things about technology in your AOE courses as well!

Ultra-Responsive Instructors

You’ve heard stories about classes where the instructor is nowhere to be found…what’s the point!? Our graduate instructors respond to every discussion and will provide value-added feedback on all your assignments. They engage on a meaningful and personal level with every class member.

Attend From Anywhere

If you’re like most art teachers, you’re always on the go. AOEU Courses let you work from anywhere – your desk, your car, from home, or at school. You can use your laptop, a tablet; we’ve even had students use their mobile phone to submit assignments while on vacation!

Small Class Sizes

As an art teacher, you know how frustrating it can be when your room is too full and you’re stretched too thin. Thankfully, our class sizes are much smaller – a maximum of 15 students. So, get to you know your peers and enjoy the personal engagement from your instructor. You’re more than a number here.

Experienced and Passionate Instructors

Good instructors inspire learning and stretch your thinking! AOEU employs instructors with innovative approaches to teaching, incredible interpersonal skills, and proven success in the art room. Since our instructors work remotely, we’re able to attract and employ the finest art teachers worldwide.

Incredible Resources

Each AOEU Course comes with an assortment of handouts/downloads for you to take and put to work in your art room right away. Enjoy supplemental supports long after the course is over!

Efficient and Streamlined Courses

Don’t let the accelerated pace fool you. Our courses are designed with graduate level assignments, discussions, and learning expectations. AOEU courses provide graduate-level rigor while instructors support you in your learning.

Convenient Class Platform

All AOEU classes take place in our digital classroom powered by Schoology. In the online AOEU classroom students engage in meaningful discussions and communicate with fellow art educators worldwide, as they create and share valuable instructional resources. Whether you’re a tech expert or a digital novice, you’ll feel right at home inside your AOEU class.

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