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The ultimate curriculum platform for K-12 art teachers.

The modern, flexible curriculum platform art teachers want with the vetted, standards-aligned curriculum materials school districts need.

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What is FLEX Curriculum?

  • Discover: Search thousands of premium curriculum materials, including lessons, videos, resources, and assessments.
  • Design: Curate standards-aligned curriculum materials into 100% custom classes and units.
  • Deliver: Access from any device, anytime. Download, print, screen share, or upload to your school’s LMS.

Get FLEX in Your School   

1,000s of premium curriculum materials...

FLEX gives art teachers access to a rich library of high-quality curriculum materials so they can save time and focus on teaching and student learning.

FLEX works with your school's LMS

FLEX is incredibly versatile and designed to integrate quickly and easily with the majority of learning management systems, including Google Classroom, Seesaw, Canvas, Schoology, and more!

How Your District Can Pay for FLEX

Yes, there really is curriculum funding for your visual arts team, and we can help you get it.

Curriculum aligned to all 50 states’ arts standards, including the NCAS.

Aligning your curriculum to state and national arts standards has never been easier. Curriculum materials in FLEX are individually aligned to state and national arts standards. Select a specific standard, and FLEX will filter curriculum materials that align. Forty-nine out of fifty states are aligned with new states released throughout the year.

Art teachers want a curriculum that reflects their unique students and school.

Art curriculum shouldn’t be static.
FLEX members get access to new premium curriculum materials every single month.



Art curriculum shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all.
FLEX allows art teachers to build custom curriculums to reflect their unique students.

Art curriculum shouldn’t be stuck in a book.
FLEX helps engage students with fun worksheets, creative lessons, and entertaining videos.


Art curriculum shouldn’t take autonomy from art teachers.
FLEX makes it easy to align with state standards and district initiatives without losing creative control.


PRO Learning is the perfect complement to FLEX Curriculum as it dives deep into rich video tutorials, giving you the essential skills you need to be successful with the lessons and resources inside FLEX. When paired together, you save money and get to experience a comprehensive K-12 visual arts curriculum solution that will elevate every aspect of what you do in the art room.

Select Your Plan

FLEX is best when implemented in a district-wide curriculum adoption. Our team of curriculum sales advisors can help you get FLEX in your district. FLEX is also available for individual subscribers at $49/mo or $499/year.

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$49/month or $499/year

  • One Art Teacher
  • Unlimited Access
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Volume Pricing Implement district-wide with volume pricing

  • Unlimited Art Teachers
  • Unlimited Access
  • Team Tracking/Statistics
  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • Robust Full-Team Onboarding
  • Custom Implementation Plan
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FLEX Curriculum falls outside of the scope of DEAC accreditation.