The Art of Education University’s registrar provides knowledgeable service to students, faculty, and staff through adherence to academic policy, and is responsible for collecting, maintaining, and safeguarding the enrollment and academic records of AOEU students.

Ordering Official Transcripts

Students can order a transcript through Parchment for completed coursework taken through The Art of Education University.

To ensure quick processing, please note the information below.

  • Email: Please use your AOEU-issued email or the primary email on your AOEU account.
  • Name: The name you provide must match the name in your student portal.

Requests will be processed within 10 days. 

Students who completed coursework through AOEU’s partnership with Morningside University should order their transcript from Morningside. Click here to request a Morningside transcript.

For questions about Parchment orders, please go here or contact Parchment directly.

Submitting Official Transcripts to AOEU

All students, regardless of degree-seeking status, must submit official transcripts documenting a conferred bachelor’s degree or higher from an appropriately accredited institution. For information about sending transcripts, click here.

For international students, learn more here.

Transfer Request

Transcripts must be sent directly from the issuing institution. Students may send official transcripts through these methods:

  1. Through Parchment
  2. Through other electronic services providers to the email address:
  3. Mailed* in a sealed envelope directly from the issuing institution to the following address:

Registrar, The Art of Education University
518 Main St. Suite A
Osage, IA 50461

*Note: Mailed transcripts take approximately 4–6 weeks to receive and process.

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Term and Course Duration

A term is a period of four months. The academic calendar is comprised of three terms:

Fall Term
September – December

Spring Term
January – April

Summer Term
May – August

Courses begin on the first Monday of each month and run as follows:
1 credit course = 3 weeks (21 days)
3 credit course = 8 weeks (56 days)
6 credit course = 12 weeks (84 days)

Degree Withdrawls

Grades and Transcripts

Final grades are posted to the student portal ten calendar days after the course end date. Students can download an unofficial transcript or order an official transcript as soon as final grades are posted.

For degree-seeking students who take courses through Morningside University, an additional ten days are required to process courses for transfer onto an official degree transcript from The Art of Education University.

Transfer Credit Evaluation Request

Complete the Transfer Credit Request form to request an evaluation of courses from outside institutions. For an initial evaluation, course details and an unofficial transcript are required. Transfer credits are accepted at any point during the admissions process and prior to program enrollment and must meet the requirements as outlined in the graduate catalog.

You will receive notice of your transfer credit evaluation within 10 days. Approved courses will be added to your degree record upon receipt of official transcripts.

Note: Students who request transfer credit evaluation for courses completed at institutions outside the United States must have a course-by-course evaluation done by a professional credit-evaluation agency who is a member of AICE or NACES.

University Policies and Catalog

The Art of Education University’s Graduate Catalog is posted annually with updated policies and information for students. The most recent graduate catalog can be found here, along with archived historical catalogs and information.

Additional Guidance

Get the support you need with our comprehensive Help Center, which provides step-by-step instructions and answers to all your registrar-related questions. Whether you’re a new student or a returning one, we’ve got you covered with the tools and resources you need to navigate your academic journey.


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