Welcome to the 1-2-3- A-R-T YouTube Series

This seven-episode mini-series will address the learning gap many kindergarten and first-grade students will face when going back to school this year.

Coming out of COVID, our kindergarteners may be experiencing a lack of social skills due to isolation and the loss of fine motor skills due to online learning and increased dependence on screens. As art teachers, how can we anticipate our youngest artists’ needs and meet them where they are?

Join Lindsey Moss from The Art of Education University as she shares tons of tips and tricks for success with kindergarteners!

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Ep 1 | 3 Easy Tips for Quickly Writing Kindergarten Names on Artwork

Ep 2 | 8 Ways to Reinforce Pincer Grasp and Pencil Grip for Kindergarteners

Ep 3 | 6 Fun Tricks for Learning to Use Scissors With Kindergarteners

Ep 4 | 5 Ways to Introduce Glue and Prevent a “Sticky Situation” With Kindergarteners

Ep 5 | 6 Tips to Try With Kindergarteners to Make Painting a Breeze

Ep 6 | 13 Adaptive Art Supplies for Your Kindergarteners

Ep 7 | Q&A: We Answer Your 6 Biggest Questions About Kindergarten Art

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October Mailbag: Color Blindness, Personal Art, and What is Up with Kindergarten? (Ep. 389)

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student painting

4 Strategies to Effectively Manage 30-Minute Kindergarten Art Classes 

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How to Support Students Through Disappointment and Hope with Installation Art

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Curriculum Approaches

7 Lesson Ideas to Engage Kindergarteners in SEL Through the Elements of Art

Art of Education Magazine & Media Article

Course: Rethinking Kindergarten

If you’ve found that early childhood students often have difficulty following the rules and routines of the art room, this course will help you to dive deep into a variety of strategies, tools, and methodologies sure to support these young artists in the art classroom. You will investigate a variety of progressive philosophies, including Reggio Emilia, Montessori, and Waldorf as well as techniques for integrating play-based learning and teaching foundational skills. This eight-week intensive course will provide you with innovative opportunities to explore childhood development, create classroom resources, and revamp your philosophy of teaching younger learners.


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