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70 Children’s Books About Famous Artists

What better way to jumpstart a lesson than with an engaging story? Here are 70 children’s books that feature famous artists. Although most are written for grades K-6,  don’t let that stop you from using them in your secondary classroom! Sitting down for story time with older students can be a fun change of pace. Many of these suggestions were brought to you by our wonderful Facebook Fans who commented on a variety of posts about book recommendations. Thank you!


  • As with any media you bring into your classroom, be sure to preview it in its entirety before sitting down to read to your students. Some illustrations or themes may not be appropriate for your classroom.
  • For the sake of space, we’ve left out the “Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artist” books from the list below. To see a full list of artists offered in that wonderful series, click here. In addition, we’ve left out the “Touch the Art” series, which features multiple artists in each book. You can learn more about that series here.



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Van Gogh



Multiple Artists

Feeling bummed that your budget won’t allow you to purchase these titles? Why not hand this list to your librarian? They are always looking for great books to add to the library shelves. Plus, then you can borrow them whenever you’d like!

What is your favorite artist book to use in your classroom?

Have you found any new favorites lately?

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