Run the Art Room

Are you excited for a fresh, new school year but are unsure where to start planning? Over the next six episodes, we equip you with tips and tricks to add to your classroom management toolkit.

Stay tuned for best practices and systems around entering and exiting the art room, art material prep, distribution, and collection, attention getters, and more! Join Keisha Casiano from The Art of Education University as she brings eleven art teachers from around the world together to help YOU successfully run your art room.

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Clay, paint, ink, water spills, messy hands, cutting tools, slippery floors, and busy bodies. Classroom management in the art room is like no other subject area. When it is well-designed, the art room is a magical place. And when it goes awry, it can be chaotic.

Leverage best practices, design an efficient space, and ideate a classroom management system unique to you and your students.

Join fellow art teachers who understand the challenges and celebrations of art teacher life. Leave with new ideas, new friends, and a plan ready to implement right away.