Announcing CJ Hendry As the Featured Presenter for Art Ed Now!

Today we’re thrilled to announce CJ Hendry as the featured presenter for the Art Ed Now 2020 Winter Online Conference! You probably know CJ from her hyperrealistic colored pencil drawings that she loves to share on her Instagram page.

You may have seen her Pantone squares:

Or her Trophy series:

Or her Rorshach blots:


Now, she has a message just for you!

CJ at Art Ed Now

During the conference, CJ will share more about where she finds inspiration and her working process. She will talk about her experience with art and education, and how she came to develop her artistic style. You might be surprised by some of the things she tells you!

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A Sneak Peek

If you can’t wait until February 1st, you’re in luck! Today, CJ is on a very special episode of Art Ed Radio with Tim recorded at her studio in Brooklyn, NY. It is both a thoughtful and entertaining episode you won’t want to miss! Here are a few highlights:

On her long days in the studio, and working 7 days per week:

“I spend a lot of time in the studio, but I don’t think that’s necessarily the right way to work. There’s no right or wrong way to make art or be creative. I think you just have to do what makes sense for your mind and personality. For me, being able to work long hours is not a drain on myself as a person. The harder I work, the more energy I have.”

On working in-depth and fully developing ideas:

“Drawings are one part of the bigger concept now. But I love drawing in series. I love going further into an idea and exploring it, fully showcasing it. And then once a series is done, I never revisit it. I kind of move on to the next thing. There’s so much to talk about and say, and so many ideas I have. I just want to kind of get it done, move on to the next one. That interests me, working fast and moving quickly.”

On the time it takes to finish a drawing:

“They could take a hundred hours, they could take a couple of thousand hours. It really depends on what it is that I’m making and the size and scale and complexity. So they do take a long time. It’s the work I make and I don’t like to compromise on time. I’m not going to rush through something because it has to be done by a certain time. When the work is complete, it’s complete. And I never tally my time. It just takes what it takes. But they take ages, I can tell you that.”

You can listen to the full podcast here: Art Ed Radio–Episode 198

CJ’s meticulous drawing style is fascinating to see, and her outlook on life and art makes for some incredible stories. You will love seeing her studio, and leave feeling inspired by what she has to say. There will be so much to enjoy and learn about as she dives deep into her own life and her work on February 1st at Art Ed Now. You will also have the chance to hear 20+ other amazing and inspiring presenters speak about the most important topics in art education today.

Click here to see more about the amazing teachers who will be sharing, and the descriptions of their presentations. Presentations will continue to be announced as we move toward the day of the conference, and every presentation will be relevant to what you do every day in the art room. This will be a conference you won’t want to miss! Make sure you register today!

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For complete event details, head over to the conference page.

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Timothy Bogatz

Tim Bogatz is AOEU’s Content & PD Event Manager and a former AOEU Writer and high school art educator. He focuses on creativity development, problem-solving, and higher-order thinking skills in the art room.

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