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Joshua Chrosniak


My name is Joshua Chrosniak, and I have been an art educator since 2011. It was in these early teaching years that I discovered The Art of Education when it was a website with many helpful tips, videos, and lesson ideas; now, it has grown into this wonderful online university! I am excited to give back and hopefully can guide someone else on their professional or artistic journey.

Outside of teaching, I am married to my wife, Maggie, and am a father of three beautiful children. We enjoy spending time together, making art, listening to or dancing to music, and exploring the great outdoors. I am also a professional artist; I enjoy exploring a variety of media and subjects. Some of my favorites include drawing, painting, printmaking, and woodworking. The subjects I delve into often involve a deeper look into the human experience. When I am not making art or spending time with my family, I can be found fishing Ohio’s majestic waterways.

I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Art Education in 2011 and my Master of Arts in Teaching in 2021. During my graduate studies, I had the pleasure of publishing an article for Edutopia regarding the use of origami to teach children about endangered animals.

Throughout my years in art education, I have taught every grade PK–12 but have spent most of my career at the K–5 or elementary level. As an art educator, I not only enjoy focusing on traditional subjects but also STEAM, social-emotional, and other types of interdisciplinary concepts. I try to look for events and collaborations that elevate my students’ ideas and put them into practicality. This has ranged anywhere from art shows, yearbook cover designs, kindness character mascots, murals, props for school musicals, and much more.

My hope is to use all my knowledge and expertise for the patrons of The Art of Education University. I look forward to serving you!

Professional Accomplishments:


MA in Teaching | 2021

BA in Art Education | 2011


Chrosniak, J. (2021, May 18). Using origami to teach children about endangered animals. Edutopia. https://www.edutopia.org/article/using-origami-teach-children-about-endangered-animals

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