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The past school year emphasized the value of being prepared for anything. Trauma responses are playing an increasing role in the everyday behaviors of K–12 art students.

Helping these students find success within your art programs requires adjusting your instructional practices to meet their needs. You deserve access to the support you need when you need it. The resources curated here will empower you to manage whatever comes your way.

FLEX provides an extensive library of standards-aligned art curriculum materials, designed to integrate easily with most learning management systems, that can be used online, in-person, or in a hybrid setting. FLEX gives you back your time so you can focus on the most important part of your job: supporting your students.

PRO is the only on-demand professional development platform that dives into everything from art mediums to classroom management. PRO contains relevant training and essential resources, so art teachers have the personalized support they need when they need it.

Be prepared for anything with these free articles, podcasts, and resources.

pencil popsicle sticks

10 Neat Ways to Group Students in the Art Room for Collaborative Projects

Art of Education Magazine & Media Article
absent folders

5 Strategies to Overcome Chronic Absenteeism and 4 Effective Systems for Art Room Catchup

Art of Education Magazine & Media Article
loud speaker

Colorful Conversations: 9 Fantastic Resources to Enhance Communication in Your Art Room

Art of Education Magazine & Media Article
printed downloads
Classroom Management

The 8 Best Downloads for Art Teachers to Stand Out This Year

Art of Education Magazine & Media Article
student on phone

8 Challenges This Year and How Art Teachers Overcame Them

Art of Education Magazine & Media Article
monster face pinch pots
Relationship Building

What Are Your Most Hilarious Art Room Stories From This Year?

Art of Education Magazine & Media Article
sculpture making on floor
Professional Practice

Exclusive New Episodes in the Art Room Only an Art Teacher Would Understand

Art of Education Magazine & Media Article
drawer of artwork
Classroom Management

24 Genius Ways to Use Leftover Student Art at the End of the Year!

Art of Education Magazine & Media Article
empty storage containers
Classroom Management

8 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Success Next Year

Art of Education Magazine & Media Article
marker and glue caps
Physical Space

How to Make Good Use of Extra and Unwanted Supplies in the Art Room

Art of Education Magazine & Media Article
student taking test

Lots of New Creative Art Games and Activities Great for Testing Months

Art of Education Magazine & Media Article
hands drawing a sun
Classroom Management

3 Love and Logic® Secrets to Manage Art Room Behaviors With Less Stress

Art of Education Magazine & Media Article

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There’s no time like the present to make your colleagues and administrators aware of resources that will support your teaching practice. FLEX Curriculum provides thousands of standards-aligned curriculum materials that will engage you and your students, but most importantly, save you time! With PRO Learning you’ll be counting down the days to your next district PD day. With 190+ PRO Packs to choose from, you’ll have access to the art-specific PD you want and deserve.

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Classroom Management Strategies for Diverse Learners
Innovation Through Design
Managing the Art Room

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