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Bridging the Learning Gap

Research shows that bringing the arts into core curricula raises student achievement and improves student engagement. This magnifies the essential role art teachers play in closing the learning gaps stemming from the pandemic as they use art to teach the creative problem-solving and critical-thinking skills needed to navigate an ever-changing world.

FLEX seamlessly aligns to a variety of other content areas, such as social studies, science, literacy, math, education, technology, STEAM, and engineering.

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PRO gives art educators the resources they need to connect their curriculum to the world at large and gain strategies for arts-centered, cross-curricular planning.

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1-2-3 A-R-T YouTube Series

This seven-episode mini-series will address the learning gap many kindergarten and first-grade students will face when going back to school this year. Coming out of COVID, our kindergarteners may be experiencing a lack of social skills due to isolation and the loss of fine motor skills due to online learning and increased dependence on screens. As art teachers, how can we anticipate our youngest artists’ needs and meet them where they are? Join Lindsey Moss from The Art of Education University as she shares tons of tips and tricks for success with kindergarteners!

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