Social Emotional Learning

Studies show that implementing SEL practices improves students’ academic performance and SEL skills by providing an environment to process emotions and build resilience. Through SEL, students learn strategies that help develop skills to deal with emotional obstacles. The art room is an ideal place to learn and practice these strategies that not only enhance a traditional visual art curriculum but carry into cross-curricular connections, service-learning projects, and beyond the classroom walls.

The Art of SEL

Tune in as host Jonathan Juravich talks to educators and experts about how we can help ourselves and our students understand thoughts, feelings, emotions, and behaviors and why that understanding is crucial right now.

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Curriculum Approaches

Reset and Get Back to Best Practices You Love Through SEL and Assessment

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painting supplies
Professional Practice

6 Skills Art Teachers Gained This Past Year and 14 Ideas to Try

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Curriculum Approaches

4 Ideas to Foster Empathy and Gift Giving in the Art Room

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4 Fun Ideas to Unprogram in the Art Room to Alleviate Student Stress

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hands skin colors

How to Bring Social Justice, Trauma-Informed Teaching, and SEL Into the Art Room

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6 Powerful Ways to Advocate for Your Visual Arts Program Post Pandemic

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andrea kowch artwork
Curriculum Approaches

Don’t Miss These 30 Artists That Bridge SEL and Art!

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table with art supplies
Classroom Management

6 Classroom Management Strategies to Prompt Social-Emotional Learning

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artwork of colored shapes with faces
Curriculum Approaches

7 Lesson Ideas to Engage Kindergarteners in SEL Through the Elements of Art

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two artworks
Curriculum Approaches

No Drawing Skill Required! An Activity That Connects the Brain and Art

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little hands reading picture book monster saying rrraaah!
Curriculum Approaches

6 Picture Books to Prompt an Awareness of Self and Others

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Curriculum Approaches

The Art of SEL—2 Reasons Why It’s Not “One More Thing”

Art of Education Magazine & Media Article

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Classroom Management

Classroom Management

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Learning Loss

Bridging The Learning Gap

Learn how to use art to teach the creative problem-solving and critical-thinking skills students need to navigate an ever-changing world.