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My name is Janet Taylor, and I teach high school art in the western suburbs of Chicago. I have taught a little bit of everything including drawing, sculpture, ceramics, darkroom and digital photography, jewelry/metals, play production, adaptive art, as well as all three portfolios of AP Art and Design. I totally geek out in developing Choice-based curriculum and believe that by guiding students through their own creative process, they are empowered to create unique and meaningful artworks.

I received two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Iowa (one in Theatre Arts with an emphasis in set design and one in Studio Art with a painting emphasis). After spending ten years in NYC and Chicago working as a Scenic Artist, I returned to my passion of teaching and received a Masters of Education from DePaul University in 2010. I have taught in three different school districts, including Chicago Public Schools and the suburbs.

In my “free time” you might find me playing games, going for hikes, reading together at the library with my husband and two kids, or oil painting or collaging in my back porch studio. I am thrilled to be part of the AEOU team and look forward to engaging conversations with all of you amazing art educators!

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