A Faster Way to Display

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to display student art? What if I told you there was a way to create a display in under 10 minutes? Read on to find out how!

It all started when I got tired of all of the thumbtacks, bulletin boards, complex framing methods, and flyaway staples I was dealing with while displaying student art. I just didn’t have time for it, and I would rarely change student art because of the hassle.

Less rotating art on display not only made me and my program look bad, but it wasn’t fair to my hardworking students. So, when our school went under a renovation, I petitioned for a new way to display art: display rails.

Display rails are small strips that grip artwork. There are a variety of choices, but they all lock art into place with no staples, magnets or other adhesives. It’s awesome!

In my case, I just slide the art up behind the beaded strip in the rail. Then, once it catches, my work is done. I can slide up a whole class’s worth of art in a few quick minutes. I think they look nice, too. I opted for 2 rows and made sure that I could fit 12″ x 18″ paper between them.

When you want to release the papers, all you do is curl the paper up, and it quickly releases. This method makes taking down the work a 2-minute process as well.

Although it was an initial investment, these rails have never let me down when it comes to getting and keeping student work on display in a timely and organized fashion. If you’re looking to do something similar, you may want to ask your PTO to help with funding. That’s what I did! 

How do you fit the task of displaying student art around your school, without taking hours of time?

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Jessica Balsley

Jessica Balsley is AOEU’s Founder and a former AOEU Writer and elementary art educator. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.

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