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Connecting the Dots Through International Dot Day

If you have not read the book by The Dot by Peter Reynolds this is a must read for any art teacher! It tells the story of how an art teacher made an impact on a student who felt that she could not draw (as so many students do). The teacher encouraged her to make her own mark and sign her masterpiece. What started out as a small dot, in the end turned into one student’s journey of self-discovery. It is a great story that empowers students to believe in their own creativity!

Terry Shay, a teacher first started International Dot Day in 2003, which is traditionally celebrated on September 15th. It is a Day where educators all across the world celebrate the story of Peter Reynolds book by creating artwork together and making connections, by connecting the dots!

My middle school students celebrated Dot Day for the first time this year! Check out this video that they made all on the iPad showcasing their wonderful Dots created by students during each period of the school day. Some of their dots included making dots out of candy, photos, splatter painting, and even using the iPads themselves!

We connected with Mrs. Carignan’s fourth grade class in our school district by making dot tee-shirts! As a follow up activity we connected via Skype with Mrs. Rose’s High School students in Nipigon-Red Rock District High School in Red Rock, Ontario, Canda! Click here to see their Dot Day artwork!

So go out there and make your mark! Join the Dot Day Club and celebrate this message all year long!

Have you participated in International Dot Day before?

What are other ways you like to use Peter’s message and his books in your art room?

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Chelsie Meyer

Chelsie Meyer, an art educator, is a former AOEU Writer.

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