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Crayola Color Cycle: Green, Easy, Free!

Crayola Color Cycle
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We can melt down crayons, recycle scraps into collages, and reconstitute paints, but what the heck do we do with dried out markers? Sure, we can get the very last bit of ink out by dipping the markers in water, but no matter what, we are left with a plastic remnant that has little value as an art material, yet another piece of trash…but wait! Crayola has come up with a fantastic solution.

The Color-Cycle program is a cool way for your classroom, school or district to collect used markers and turn them into something useful.

Crayola is turning markers once destined for the landfill into fuel! The Crayola website has more details on the process, a sign to post in your room, and even a short video to show your students and colleagues about the program.

All you really need to know is that it’s as easy as this:

  1. Register your school with the Crayola Color-Cycle website.
  2. Collect and count markers (any kind, not just Crayola brand!).
  3. Print the shipping label.
  4. Have FedEx come and pick up the box and whisk it away for recycling.

Pretty amazing!

What other ways do you make your art room green?

What do you do with old markers?

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Sarah Dougherty

Sarah Dougherty, a visual arts curriculum coordinator, is a former AOEU Writer and elementary school art educator. She loves working with diverse populations to bring art into students’ homes, communities, and everyday lives.

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