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The Best Shoes for Art Teacher Feet

Art Teacher Feet
As art teachers, we put a constant strain on our bodies during the school day. Lugging supplies and standing for hours on end can leave us battered and beaten by the last bell. There is one thing, however, that we have total control over that can lessen the physical toll we all pay — our shoes.

Maybe you’ve received (or given) some advice about wearing comfortable and supportive shoes and this has never been a problem. However, if you are like me and you struggle year after year with poor footwear choices, check out some top recommended shoe brands for art teachers below.


Sketchers 1Sketchers 2

Comfort and style go hand-in-hand with Skechers’ line up. They offer so many styles, fits and comfort levels that there is sure to be a shoe for everyone. Try their Memory Foam line for extreme comfort on those days where you can’t even sit down for lunch. Bonus: Because of their youthful appeal, you may be wearing the same shoes as your students! Ok, maybe that is not a plus…



Merrell 1 Merrell 2

Known for their functional, yet incredibly comfortable slip-on clogs, Merrells are sure to keep your feet happy and get you out the door fast. Bonus: The timeless style will guarantee that your Merrell shoes will match any outfit.



Crocs 1 Crocs 2

Crocs are more than just the foam summer clogs. A number of years ago, the line advanced to include foam-heeled flats and wedges both in bright colors and patterns. Bonus: Wear them in the art room and then to the beach after class.




You may be familiar with Dansko’s chunky clogs that nurses tend to wear in white, but Dansko makes plenty of bright, highly-patterned footwear that is sure to fit into an art teacher’s wardrobe. Bonus: The Stapled Clog collection carries the Seal of Acceptance from the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association).



Born 1 Born 2

Born shoes are crafted with both style and comfort in mind. Although a bit pricey, the premium leathers and handcrafted styles are well worth the extra cash. Styles range from boots to flats, to wedges and, of course, their classic sandals. Bonus: Borns are so classically styled that the shoes are easily adaptable from the classroom to your life outside of school.




Similar to Danskos, Alegria shoes and clogs are known for ultra-comfy styles. If you have tried Dansko and they are not for you, Alegria may be a better option. Bonus: Buy a pair with a pointillism pattern, and no one will ever notice those paint drips from your wildest Kindergarten classes.
No matter what brand, style or fit you wear, comfort typically trumps fashion in the art room. However with these options, you can have both by keeping your feet feeling great while looking stylish.

Note: All images came from the brands’ websites, linked in the article.


What is your favorite style, fit or brand of shoes to wear while teaching art?

Do you have the scoop on an unknown brand to share?


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