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12 Signs You’re Ready for Summer Vacation

calendar with last day of school circled

Ah, May – the month in the school year where we realize the end is near but it’s going to be a long few weeks to get there. The weather is warm, the kids are crazy and our feet are aching to feel the warm sand beneath them.

Art teachers have pretty amazing jobs, but at this point in the year we are counting the days just as much as our students!

Read on to see if you have the signs of a teacher who’s ready for June, July, and August.

calendar with last day of school circled

  1. You’ve created a countdown to keep track of the number of days left until the last day of school. The last day may or may not be decorated with hearts.
  2. You find yourself making lists of things to organize next year – instead of actually doing the cleaning right now.
  3. Your “healthy snack drawer” starts to look a lot like the candy aisle and needs to be frequently replenished.chocolate
  4. You make silly mistakes, like scheduling coil pots for the same week as human growth and development.
  5. Your forehead has a permanent red mark due to the number of times you’ve face-palmed in frustration.
  6. Your file system is a pile of papers on your desk that’s about eight feet tall.
    paper piles
  7. Dealing with the noise of kids ready for summer has you seriously considering wearing earplugs during the day.
  8. You think daily how nice it will be to turn your alarm clock off for a few months.
  9. Your patience for the totally obvious weed references that your high school students think are so original is wearing very thin.
  10. You are past the point of even trying to pay attention during staff meetings.
  11. You cringe when you hear a student even start to say your name in that specific tone that guarantees some good tattling is on the way.
  12. You bring up summer plans in at least five conversations a day.

No matter how long you have left, you can do it! Keep your eye on the prize and know these short few weeks will fly right by.

How can you tell you’re ready for summer vacation?

When is your last day of school? Tell us in the comments below!

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Melissa Purtee

Melissa Purtee is a high school art educator and a former AOEU Writer. She is passionate about supporting diversity, student choice, and facilitating authentic expression.

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