Top 10 Inspiring Art Teacher Instagram Accounts to Follow


Have you ever found yourself scrolling through Instagram, realizing your feed is full of amazing art teachers? Social media plays an essential role in our digital age. While the comparison game can be a tempting trap, social media can also be a wonderful way to source exciting, new ideas. Gain art lessons, classroom organization tips, and art room decor inspiration. Or, just laugh out loud at humorous stories. With just a tap or swipe of your finger, you can connect with countless creatives like you, who bring inspiration from inside their art rooms to a virtual audience.

If you are looking for more inspiring art teachers to add to your daily dose of Instagram, check out these 10 accounts right now!

1. @tiny_cupboard_creatives


If the colorful skates alone don’t hook you, the eye-catching artwork and positive energy sure will. Yaz Gaté is an art teacher, artist, and founder of Tiny Cupboard Creatives. You may recognize Yaz if you attended the Summer 2021 AOEU NOW Conference. Her Instagram comes to life with images capturing her work with students and adults in the creative space. Are you looking for more from Yaz? Head over to her YouTube channel for videos and fun lessons to try in your art room.

2. @the_art_bus


With a description of “Inclusion, art and sometimes dancing,” The Art Bus empowers artists with developmental disabilities to create art and inspire their social media following. You will find a sprinkling of all types of artwork and mediums. The best photos may showcase not only artwork but also feature the pride beaming from the artists with their masterpieces.

3. @wahs_art


Dr. Andrea McDonough, the educator behind the account, is a high school art teacher and department chair in Pennsylvania. Andrea and her team of high school art teachers invite the community to appreciate all art has to offer students. Williamsport Area High School builds community connections through its art program. You will find teenage artists creating within the studio classroom, as well as venturing abroad and touring historic sites. If you are interested in learning more about Andrea, listen to our interview on The Mindful Art Teacher.

4. @theartyfartyteacher


When you land on Jess Wilson’s Instagram account, you will discover a delightful mix of student artwork and motivational messages. Colorful decorations and organization hacks give insight into this Australian art room. Be sure to check out the bottle cap mural!

5. @classicclayworks


Nicole Thomas is the art teacher behind this account. You will find tons of lesson ideas for throwing on the pottery wheel. If you are looking for inspiration, Nicole shares her designs featuring bright glazes and uplifting themes. Check out her reels for more behind-the-scenes glimpses of her studio!

6. @artbylevar


Levar Robinson runs TAPP Art Studio and empowers his young artists to create with intention. You may have learned from Levar during the Winter 2021 AOEU NOW Conference or listened to his ideas on The Everyday Art Room. Levar brings a level of inspiration to his Instagram that will keep you checking for his new posts all the time. You will see many smiling faces and amazing artworks with varied mediums and styles. His feed will spark creativity in your art room this year!

7. @wbrembert

sketchbook spread

Bill Rembert is an art educator and retired Army Veteran bringing visual narratives to Instagram. When you head to his account, you will find an impressive online exhibit of portraits alongside artworks of various subjects and mediums. Showcasing students’ artwork is a focal point. He highlights the pride and joy of hard work and telling stories through the creation of art. You will be inspired by Bill’s art, which is sprinkled through his posts and on his website.

8. @eastkimberley_arts_teacher


Be prepared for an uplifting exploration of Lex Randolph’s Instagram, where he shares his journey of arts integration as a visual and performing arts teacher. With one scroll down Lex’s feed, you will be intrigued by students’ artwork ranging from tiny figures in the sand to large-scale community murals. While it may look like Mr. Randolph has a lot on his plate, the images give a sense that Lex finds a seamless balance between the two worlds of art.

9. @artwithmsdash

graphic design self portrait

You are going to love scrolling through Ms. Dash’s posts! The thoughtfully photographed artworks, painted faces, and creative lesson ideas surely will keep you coming back for more inspiration. Ms. Dash shares images featuring her young artists, their artwork, and the materials needed for when you try out the lessons yourself. You will get a sneak peek into her art room studio while embracing the mindful bits of gratitude sprinkled throughout the posts. If you are looking for more from Ms. Dash, check out her website too!

10. @artroom14


Karen Kiick brings her followers an interesting mix of ceramics and metals from her New Jersey high school art room. If you are ready to explore these mediums, be sure to check out artroom14. You will find thrown mugs, bowls, slab pots, and handbuilt masterpieces. What’s really delightful about the photographs is the intention to capture each artwork in a beautiful way. Many photos showcase the handmade creations as if taken for a professional exhibit. You can find more in-depth reflections from her artists here and find Karen at her website.

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Instagram is one of the best social media spots right now to find and follow other art teachers. With a simple swipe, you have access to tons of artworks, lesson ideas, and support from like-minded art teachers. As a bonus, you can get bursts of ideas for your creativity and artmaking practices. When you start following other art teachers on Instagram, your community will increase, and with it, your inspiration.

Who are your favorite art teacher Instagram accounts to follow?

How are you inspired by other art teachers to engage your students?

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