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Changing the world can be fun!

We’re a fast-growing, innovative, higher education institution. We serve tens of thousands of art teachers (and as a consequence, millions of students) around the world and we’re looking for inspiring and motivated team members who can help us put a big dent in the universe. If you’re ready to work with other motivated team members, and you’d like a rewarding challenge, review our open positions, below!

Please call our Team & Culture line at 515-206-9226 with any questions.

★ REMOTE K-12 Professional Development and Curriculum Specialist

Are you excited about bringing new ideas to life? Do you have a knack for bringing out the best in others? Are you curious to a fault, seeking out answers and new knowledge?

The Art of Education University (AOEU) is hiring a K-12 Professional Development and Curriculum Specialist to design content and create connections between curriculum and professional development. This individual will lead content producers in designing lesson plans, resources, and professional development. The K-12 Professional Development and Curriculum Specialist is a split role that reports directly to the Director of K-12 Professional Development and Media and the Director of K-12 Curriculum and Compliance.

★ REMOTE Contracted WordPress Engineer

The Art of Education University (AOEU) is seeking a contractor who will be responsible for expanding and maintaining our WordPress platform during a re-platforming effort. The WordPress Engineer will be responsible for developing all features and fixes, as well as writing automated tests around code changes. The WordPress Engineer will report directly to the Director of Software Engineering and will work closely with the Software Engineering team.

★ REMOTE Adjunct Instructor

The Art of Education University (AOEU) is seeking new online adjunct instructors. A terminal degree (PhD, EdD, or MFA) is preferred for consideration. A master’s degree is required and will be considered when paired with unique specializations that meet the university’s needs.

Remote adjunct instructors play a key role in providing a world-class learning experience to our students—primarily professional K-12 art educators. This role involves providing inspiring instruction as well as engaging facilitation and discussion in addition to fair assessment and evaluation of student work.

★ REMOTE Digital Marketing Manager

The Art of Education University (AOEU) is seeking a highly-skilled Digital Marketing Manager to bring people, data, and ideas together to turn great SaaS products into market-leading solutions. This is a right- and left-brain type of role wherein a single day you could go from analyzing pipeline data to building a marketing campaign for growing FLEX Curriculum and PRO Learning at the district level. The Digital Marketing Manager position will report directly to the Director of Marketing & CX and own and execute ideas — from crafting the messaging to building campaigns. At the completion of a test or campaign, the Digital Marketing Manager will measure, track, and provide detailed reporting on the impact of our efforts.

★ REMOTE Media Content Manager 

Are you passionate about sharing the best and brightest ideas in art education? Do you love leading others toward a common goal? Do you have a knack for marketing your ideas to others? The Art of Education University (AOEU) is seeking a Media Content Manager to lead the AOEU media platforms to new heights. This individual will manage content across various platforms, including online magazines, YouTube, and Instagram Live. The Media Content Manager reports directly to the Director of K-12 Professional Development and Media. This position requires the ability to thrive in a fast-paced creative environment.

★ REMOTE FLEX Curriculum Content Producer

Are you a self-proclaimed curriculum ‘nerd’? Are you excited about our new FLEX Curriculum? Do you enjoy coming up with new lesson ideas, resources, and assessments for your own classroom? Increase your impact beyond your own classroom walls as a FLEX Producer! We are looking for individuals to produce original lessons (we’ll send you a professional light kit to make your work shine!) resources, and assessments based upon your unique interests and skills! We will look at all applications on a rolling basis as we need new content. [Project Based, Contracted, Remote]

★ REMOTE PRO Facilitator 

PRO Learning is the only on-demand professional development platform designed for K-12 art teachers. Hundreds of school districts across the country utilize PRO to give their visual arts team training, hands-on tutorials, and resources. We are always looking for talented art educators to facilitate PRO Packs. Ideal candidates are experts in art education who are passionate about sharing best practices with others. Facilitators must be extremely comfortable on camera. Previous experience providing PD for others or creating video content is a plus. We review applications on a rolling basis. If we have an opportunity that we feel you are a good fit for, we will reach out. [Project Based, Contracted, Remote]

 ★ REMOTE Magazine Writer 

The AOEU Magazine serves over a half-million visitors each month. We’re the most widely read art education resource in the world. Make your voice heard, and share your ideas. Become an AOEU Writer! We review applications on a rolling basis and reach out to candidates as openings arise. [Part-Time, Contracted, Remote]

 ★ REMOTE Conference Presenter 

Art Ed NOW is an amazing twice-annual online conference attended by more than 4,000 art teachers annually. This event features some of the most brilliant minds and innovative ideas in Art Ed. Apply here to present. [Contracted, Single-Event, Remote]

What’s it like to be on the AOEU team?

Building new things and improving the world is hard work, but it’s also a whole lot of fun! Meet the AOEU Family.

Our Team Pillars

Adult Culture

AOEU team members are trusted to do great work. Feedback is a gift. We give and receive feedback in real time and using Radical Candor—Caring Deeply and Challenging Directly. We are high functioning teams who talk to each other, not about each other. We enjoy the positive intellectual challenge of great ideas and great execution.

Bias for Action

AOEU team members have bias for action. We carry out the “See it. Own it. Solve it. Do it.” cycle successfully in both small tasks and large projects. Our team is fiercely determined to move projects forward with passion and perseverance. We know how to prioritize action items for the betterment of the mission. When in doubt, ask for forgiveness, not permission.

Pace and Change

In order to continually deliver on it’s mission, AOEU is always reinventing itself. The mission does not change, but the way we reach it will. Team members are flexible and adaptable to the fast-paced culture and do so efficiently and effectively. We work together to clarify our thinking, move goals forward and prioritize projects.

Abundance Mentality

Your success is my success. Team members focus on what we have (abundance) versus what we don’t (scarcity). We assume the best intentions in each other. We lift each other up and celebrate our team successes. We rally for the betterment of the mission.

Lifelong Learner

Team members have a growth mindset. We have never ‘arrived.’ We are experts in our own area and constantly strive for growth and breadth in other areas. We utilize the Lifelong Learning Fund to grow our skill set. Learning is both formal and informal and is shared with the team for all to benefit.

Pro Business

We believe business is a powerful way to impact the world. The more value we add to a greater number of art teachers, the closer we will be to fulfilling our mission. We are not a public school and we are not a cutthroat business entity. We are a unique hybrid institution paving our way to achieve growth and positive impact.

Whole Person

Success in all aspects of your life strengthens your work. Burnout helps no one. Successful human beings find ways to navigate the flexible work environment by balancing their work, availability, and personal lives, while keeping communication open with friends, family, and colleagues.


As a remote team, our work is flexible, and so is our communication. We transparently share our work, communicate and collaborate across platforms. We proactively pick up the phone or meet in person to form connections.

AOEU is an equal opportunity employer. All aspects of employment are based on merit, competence, performance, and institutional need. We proudly welcome prospective and active team members as unique individuals with dignity and respect. We do not discriminate or offer preferential treatment.

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