Frances Vaughan, Ph.D.

Adjunct Instructor

Hello, Everyone! I can honestly say that from the day my Kindergarten teacher let me paint a unicorn with cotton swabs dipped in tempera, that I have loved everything about art. In addition to being a part of this amazing AOEU team, I also teach visual art at the largest public high school in my state. I am in my 23rd year of teaching and still enjoy every moment. I am passionate about service-based arts learning and strive to facilitate connections between my art room and the community.

Almost a decade ago, I decided to pursue my doctorate while still teaching full-time. Through this journey, I realized that I am fascinated with reading and learning about current research in the field. In the years since then, I have had the opportunity to serve as an adjunct professor of art education and art history at local universities, as well as taking on the roles of certified mentor and cooperating teacher to many art education students and novice teachers in the profession.

After a day of teaching over 100 talkative, energetic teenagers, I look forward to quiet walks with my rescue dogs or a paddle board trip on the river. My husband and I are also enthusiastic foodies and often plan vacations based on the restaurants we want to visit… or revisit!

Professional Accomplishments


2016 PhD in Art Education, University of Georgia

2003 Master of Gifted Education, Converse University


Workman, A., & Vaughan, F. (2017). Peer teaching and learning in art education. Art Education, 70(3), 22–28.


2023 Be Inspired Grant Recipient, Painting for Mental Health Awareness

2018 Be Inspired Grant Recipient, Painting for Paws

2006 Teacher of the Year, Jesse S. Bobo Elementary