Karen Dempsey

Adjunct Instructor

Ms. Dempsey, an accomplished educator and artist based in Chicago, Illinois, has dedicated over three decades to teaching learners of all ages. She holds a BFA from the University of Illinois, an MA in Curriculum and Instruction from National Louis, an MA in Administration from the American College of Education, and an MFA from Governors State University. Ms. Dempsey is completing her EdD in Curriculum and Instruction for Online Learning. Ms. Dempsey’s educational philosophy centers on the belief that with proper support and tools, every individual can reach their full potential. She actively contributes to her school district as a leader and mentor, promoting continuous learning and encouraging others to seek education as a solution to the evolving challenges in schools. As an advocate for relevance in education, Ms. Dempsey holds endorsements in Gifted Education and English Language Learning (EL), aligning her teaching approach with the diverse needs of her students. Her multifaceted journey of teaching and education stands as a testament to the transformative power of education, art, and a commitment to lifelong learning.